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Welcome to Maarheeze

B&C custom bracing is currently located in Maarheeze, The Netherlands. Everything is arranged for the company from here. So here is also the complete measurement and production process of the braces. Maarheeze is located between Eindhoven and Weert, a perfectly central location for the motocross scene in the Netherlands. Centered between both Lommel and Oss for a 40 to 50 minute drive.

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Can the brace also be used for other sports?

The brace can also be used for other sports. In addition to motocross, skiing and golf, the brace is also suitable for other sports that put stress on the knee. Not sure if the brace is necessary, required or suitable for your sport? Our orthopaedic engineers are happy to assist you.

Where can I have a brace fitted?

The brace is measured at our location in Maarheeze. This is where the intake interview takes place and this is also the location where the brace is designed and produced. This process consists of a number of different steps through which you are guided by experienced orthopaedic and technical engineers.

Are CLS braces covered by health insurance?

We are currently working on an MDR (medical device registration). After completion of this process, B&C custom bracing will be authorised to supply braces in specific cases for the prevention of knee injuries and the rehabilitation of clients with such injuries. At that time, your knee brace will be reimbursed by your health insurance, after referral by a doctor.

Can I wear the brace over my clothing?

The brace is made very precisely to fit your leg and its dimensions. If you wear clothes under the brace, the fit changes and pressure points can arise due to a crease in the garment. As an intermediate layer, pants are also more likely to cause the brace to shift or sag. Therefore, we do not recommend wearing the brace over clothing. We always supply a sports stocking with the CLS(X) knee brace. For optimal comfort, wear it under the brace. This protects the skin and prevents the brace from shifting.

What is delivered in addition to the brace?

The brace is delivered in its entirety. In addition, the brace comes with stockings in your size. The stocking is made of a strong but thin material and ensures that the skin is protected against the friction of the brace. The stocking and the padding have a good grip on each other. This keeps the brace in place.
You will also receive a bag with extra condyl cushions and accessories with the brace.
There are no spare parts with the brace. If there is something wrong with your brace, you can always contact B&C custom bracing. Then we can find the solution together with you.

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