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This is B&C custom bracing

// B&C custom bracing was born out of love for sports. Our dream is to support athletes in what they love to do: perform on the course, track or field.

We turned that dream into a goal. We combined our knowledge of technology with our experience in sports orthopaedics and developed the CLS knee brace. Our brace is designed directly based on each unique leg via scanning and design software. This results in a perfectly customised and comfortable brace, which offers sufficient protection under the most extreme conditions. Without restricting your freedom of movement.

B&C custom bracing has developed the first 3D-printed knee brace for use in high-impact sports. This is how we realise perfectly fitting braces to optimally protect your knees. Read about how that works

Enjoy your sport carefree. Wear the CLS knee brace

In high-impact sports, such as motocross and skiing, the knee is a vulnerable part of the body. Anyone who tears their knee ligaments can count on a long recovery period. The joint has to rotate constantly, take blows and absorb shocks. Though the chance of injury may be minor, it can have major consequences. Avoid a serious knee (ligament) injury. Wear the CLS knee brace and enjoy your sport carefree.

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B&C custom bracing offers you a protective sports knee brace that is perfectly tailored to you and each individual leg. We achieve this optimal fit using a high-tech scanner, design software and 3D printing. We always strive to provide a brace that fits seamlessly to your body. A lightweight, strong, rigid brace that is comfortable, protects and does not restrict the user’s freedom of movement.

How the CLS(X) knee brace works

The CLS knee brace is designed with a hinge system that follows the natural movement of the knee. The shape and stiffness of the brace ensure a rigid frame around the leg. This protects the leg against rotation and lateral impact. You can compare the CLS with an external barrier that absorbs and distributes impact forces. Instead of your knee absorbing all the blows, it is now supported by the brace.

A knee cap protector was also added to the brace during the research and development for motocross. This is part of the CLSX. This knee cap protector serves as an impact protector for the kneecap and reduces the risk of an injury on or around your kneecap. This can be used in sports involving flying objects such as rocks (in the case of motocross) or a puck (in ice hockey).

The inside of the brace is lined with a skin-friendly neoprene lining that provides good grip. This padding provides a pleasant layer and prevents your brace from sliding or shifting. By means of a special digital workflow with the latest technology, B&C custom bracing guarantees an optimal fitting. The better the fitting of a brace, the higher the protection and wearing comfort. Do you have specific wishes about the fit, or unusual features about your leg that need to be taken into consideration? Our experts include this in the design of the brace during the design process.
Minimise the chance of damaging your knee. Have yourself fitted with a knee brace.

The CLS knee brace is always custom made

You are unique. And your knee brace should be as well. B&C custom bracing strives to create a product that is custom made just for you. Our knee braces have no standard sizes because no two athletes are the same. Each and every body is different. One size fits none. We provide customisation so that you can stand strong again.

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Truly custom made

B&C custom bracing provides a perfectly fitting brace, specially made for your anatomy. We do this with the help of a high-quality scan per leg. This high-tech scanner has an accuracy of up to 0.1 mm. This allows us to create a brace that fits like a glove. We do not work with standard sizes and ensure that each measured value deviates as little as possible from reality. Thus, we make two different braces for your two knees. After all, no two knees are the same.

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Who is it for?

practice sport carefree with the CLS knee brace

// You want to be sure you are moving correctly. Or maybe you are an athlete at heart. Whether you are getting on a motorcycle, going for a walk or strapping on your skis, you want your knee to be sufficiently protected. The CLS(X) knee brace supports your knee during sports activities, wherever and whenever you want.

Applicable to any body type

The CLS(X) is comfortable, snug and safe for every athlete and every body type. This is because B&C custom bracing designs your brace according to the precise dimensions of your leg. To accomplish this, we rely on high-quality, high-tech scanning and printing equipment as well as the expertise of orthopaedic technologists.

The CLS(X) brace has been designed and tested for high-impact sports such as skiing and motocross at a professional level. But the brace can also be used for lower-impact activities, such as hiking, baseball, golf and tennis. Contact us for more information wether the CLS knee brace is applicable for your activity.

Due to the fast growing interest during the research and development of the brace, a variety was made with the CLS and the CLSX. With the later one, a knee cap protector was added to the frame of the CLS for impact protection.

CLS – knee brace

The CLS knee brace has been intensively tested by athletes during activities such as motocross, skiing and golf. During these sports, you can encounter high-impact forces on your knees. The brace ensures that these forces are absorbed and distributed accordingly over your leg. This significantly reduces the risk of knee injuries.

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CLSX – Motorcross knee brace.

The CLSX is a variant of the CLS knee brace. We added a specially designed knee cap protector to this model. We developed the CLSX especially for motocross riders. Knee protection is mandatory in this sport.
The brace with knee cap protector can also be used in other sports where knee protection is necessary, such as ice hockey.

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Brace test

Your unique knee brace

// B&C custom bracing develops your knee brace with extreme precision. We achieved a brace that offers sufficient protection during low and high-impact activities, without restricting your freedom of movement. The brace absorbs movements that cause damage to the leg and/or knee, such as overextension, rotations and lateral impact. This reduces the chance of injuries.

Custom made

The CLS brace is a brace that is literally designed for your own knee and leg. Each brace is therefore unique and has a perfect fit for you. This gives you the highest possible protection. With the help of specially developed software, scanning equipment and 3D printers, we create a brace that fits your leg like a glove.

We do not work with standard sizes and we ensure that each measured value deviates as little as possible from reality. Thus, we make two different braces for your two knees. After all, no two knees are the same. The perfectly fitting brace ensures that you can trust your body and can face challenges with confidence.

Discover the options for engaging in sports with a knee brace. Our experts with a technical and orthopaedic background can assess whether the CLS(X) knee brace can support you in your activity.

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Met hulp van speciaal ontwikkelde software, scanapparatuur en 3D printers creëren wij een brace die jou als een tweede huid past.
Motorcross dirt
It is exciting to see that you really get your own unique braces. I also let my initials and riders number be put on the braces. The entire process seems very professional to me, it led to a fantastic product.

Krijn van Vroenhoven

Krijn van Vroenhoven
I have been riding with the B&C braces since August 2021. Never before had I ever worn such well fitting and comfortable braces. They fit like a glove. Also did not even the slightest wear occur on the hinge system of the braces.

Teun Cooymans

Teun Cooymans
I’ve been using the CLSX braces for a while now, and I’m super happy with these knee braces. They fit exceptionally well and are so nice to ride with. To this day I didn’t have any problems with them!!! I would strongly recommend the CLSX for other riders.

August Frisk

August Frisk

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B&C custom bracing
High-impact protection 
due to carbon frame

High-impact protection
due to carbon frame

Custom Fit due to
3D production techniques

Custom Fit due to
3D production techniques

Unique patented
hinge system

Unique patented
hinge system

Fast service
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Fast service
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